Anjolee App yorumlar


app is cool - but only high priced of brackets are Available. Need to have cheaper inventory also.

Great job designing this app

This app is excellent. It's easy to navigate and does not lag at all. Whoever designed this did a great job, making it used friendly and even quite stylish. Unfortunately, none of your products matched what I am looking for. But great job with the app. It's much better than opening up my browser on my phone, which is difficult to look at all the products.

Quality, quality, quality!

Gorgeous anniversary rings at very reasonable prices. Wolf843

Good app

Reminds me of the blue Nile app. Easy to use and find product.


It's okay

Dream piece

Great app! Easy to use and it's a lot of fun to build your dream piece. Hope to have a reason to use it often.

So easy to use! Built my engagement set!

I like how easy it is to search the products. I located the pair of rings I wanted and chose the metal type, diamond size and best quality!! The price was unbeatable too! Will use this to treat myself to a new piece of jewelry every once in a while.

Stupid, don't get it

It is a waste of time. Piece of crap!

Horrible app

This app is a waste if time Anytime I open it it crashes and has wasted my time Don't waste your time I just hope the quality of the app does not reflect their overall quality

Love Anjolee ... Can't stand the App

I like Anjolee and have purchased from them before. I got the app thinking it would be faster and easier than the website on a mobile device, but this app stinks. It constantly crashes when you go to view any of the items they carry. It works well if you want to read about Anjolee, but it won't help you shop ... Which seems pointless. This does not reflect the quality I expected from Anjolee.

Don't waste you time

This app crashes so much it is rediculous. Couldn't look at anything.

Keeps crashing, jeez


Keeps crashing

Can't even look at anything. App keeps crashing right from the beginning.

Doesn't work!

This app doesn't work. Fix it!!!!

This app blows

The reason I say that is I downloaded it last night and it has still hasn't let me look at anything. Very disappointing.

Pendant on the fly

Now I can buy me pendant 24/7.

Nice app

Very nice app for lady.

Great App....

Now i can search high quality jewelry like diamond rings, bracelets, etc.

wonderful application

its really a wonderful application.

Nice application

Its a Nice application. i really like it.

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